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Just call us with your information and in just a couple minutes we will have your new escrow opened.

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One Simple Fee

Don't like sour faces at escrow closing? Unhappy closings hurts future business, that's why we offer a single simple fee. No junk fees or surprises to irk your clients at closing. (Excludes third party fees)

escrow wire feesNo email fees.  escrow storage feesNo storage fees 
escrow prep feesNo green fees  escrow storage feesNo archive fees 
escrow prep feesNo Processing fees 

Use our escrow fee calculator to see your escrow fee now.

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Start Your Refinance Escrow

The process is Simple:

1. Click to open, Print and complete the "Refinance Escrow Order Form" (PDF)
2. Attach the necessary documentation
3. Fax to (858) 505-1387 or email
As soon as we get it, we will contact you immediately
You may need to use the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-in to view and print forms.
You can get it here: Acrobat Reader Click icon, install then view and print your forms.


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