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Escrow Simplified

Unpredictable escrow fees are one of the key reasons buyers and sellers become disappointed with their home purchase or refinance. Our simplified fee structure takes this question mark out of the equation, giving your clients the security of no surprises at escrow signing. Create your escrow feeestimate with our online Escrow calculator

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Escrow FAQ For California

What Is Escrow

What is Escrow?

Escrow Definition

Escrow is a service which provides the parties of a real estate transaction a means of protection in the handling of funds and documents. Escrow companies are a neutral third party that the buyer and seller can transact business through thereby minimizing their risk.

Common Escrow Fees

Common Escrow Fees

Escrow Fee List
Escrow involves the collection and disbursement of fees between buyer, seller, lender and other entities. Here is a list of the most common fees you will see in an escrow agreement.
Who Pays Escrow Fees

Who Pays What Escrow Fees?

Buyer and Seller Escrow Fees
Escrow fees can be paid by any party, buyer, seller and even the lender! However, as a general guideline we have created a list of the most common escrow fees and who normally pays them.


What is Title Insurance

What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance Definition
One of the most misunderstood elements of processing a loan and closing escrow is Title Insurance. Learn what title insurance is, and the most common ways that owners "Hold Title".


Common Ways to Hold Title

Common Ways to Hold Title

Property Title Definition
How you hold title to a property is an important decision for any purchaser. Learn the most common ways you can hold title and what it means to you.


Useful Escrow Links

Helpful Escrow Links

Escrow Resources
We have assembled a number of links to other Escrow resources to help you continue with your research.